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"Special Topic" (Top1-20) Latest list report of Top100 artists’ index in Hong Kong

In the previous four articles we have selected 80 artists (Top21-100) based on the market data in 10 years. In this fluctuating situation, there are Asian artists competing in the field, and also Western artists breaking new records. Whether it was favored among all people or the emerging artists who are catching up the trends, everyone is creating new records in auctions. The list report of Top100 artists’ index in Hong Kong also reflects the art market trend in Hong Kong and its sustainability.

(Note: “List of Hong Kong Top100 Artists’ Index” is a list of the top100 artists that we selected based on their total turnover in Hong Kong area, we calculated their index and ranked them by order.)

Now, we are going to present the final and also most anticipated article in this series, the Top1-20. Who will be these first 20 people in the list? Who is going to be the leading role in the auctions? Please follow ArtPro to unveil the Top20 list, more data and market trends analysis will be presented as well.

Top20 Lee Ufan: After reached top at 2016, price index goes downward.

1936 -

Top19 Kaws: Reached highest point at 2019, half turnover was created in Hong Kong

1974 -

Top18 Pu Ru: Turnover slightly decreasing in recent years, price index keep raising up

1896 - 1963

Top17 Xu Beihong: After reached top at 2011, turnover keeping stable

1895 - 1953

Top16 Li Keran: Turnover and price index reached top at the same time, price index keeping steady

1907 - 1989

Top15 Zeng Fanzhi: After the peak in market at 2013, new increasing waves are raising recently

1964 -

Top14 Huang Binhong: Three summits in 10 years, total turnover in Hong Kong reached highest point at 2017.

1865 - 1955

Top13 Liu Ye: Liu Ye gained reputation in art world at 2019, turnover increasing in fast speed, still popular in 2020.

1964 -

Top12 Lin Fengmian: Turnover decreased in 10 years, price index slightly raising up in fluctuation.

1900 - 1991

Top11 Kim Whan Ki: Been the most expensive Korean artists in history at 2019, price index increased by 4 times within 10 years.

1913 - 1974

Top10 Qi Baishi: Two summits in 10 years, turnover slightly falling down in Hong Kong recently.

1864 - 1957

Top9 Fu Baoshi: After hit the top in 2017, turnover and price index goes downward.

1904 - 1965

Top8 Yoshitomo Nara: Created hundred million legendary in 2019, strong upward trend in 10 years.

Top7 Chu Teh-Chun: After reached top at 2014, price index breaks new record recently.

1920 - 2014

Top6 Yayoi Kusama: Price index increased from 1 to 4, turnover in Hong Kong starts raising up.

1929 -

Top5 San Yu: "San Yu" fever spread in art world at 2019, turnover in the first half 2020 has reached 65.74 million dollar.

1901 - 1966

Top4 Wu Guanzhong: Price index fluctuating in 10 years, total turnover in Hong Kong is optimistic.

1919 - 2010

Top3 Cui Ruzhuo: Turnover reached top at 2017, price index increased by 16 times within 10 years.

1944 -

Top2 Zhang Daqian: Price index and turnover in strong upward trend at 2011, price index keeping steady in recent years.

1899 - 1983

Top1 Zao Wou-Ki: Price index goes from 1 to 4 within 10 years, Hong Kong is the main market field.

1920 - 2013

As the end of Top1-20, the latest list report of Top100 artists’ index in Hong Kong is now finished. Through these listed artists, we see the diversity and compatibility of the art market in Hong Kong. From those increasing and skyrocketing market data, we see Hong Kong’s huge potential and possibility. In the future, we look forward to see how will the focus point goes in Hong Kong’s market. To acquire more data and reports of artists, please contact ArtPro customer service.

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